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Popular Buying Locations

Property in Belize has been one of the success stories of the overseas property world, with developments that are sympathetic and fit in with the environment, as well as being modern and suited to the retirement market.

Given the position of the country on the edge of the Caribbean Sea and bordered by Mexico and Guatemala, property buying locations are largely confined at present to the coastal regions. This may change and spread out as infrastructure develops and communications in the outlying areas improve, but for the moment, the coast is where everyone wants to be.

While this means that the interior of the country is largely still to be explored by the overseas property buyers and by many tourists, the extent to which the coastline is being prepared for residential tourists goes far beyond the few miles north or south of the capital city, Belmopan.

For example, there are beach resort developments that are being built more than one hundred miles from the capital on the Placencia Peninsular in southern Belize, upon an 18-mile isthmus of sand stretching out into the sea. This location is developed enough to have a regional airport with regular flights from Belize City, as well as links on the more rudimentary road system. The region also has the typical palm-fringed beaches and the powder-white sand that abounds along the whole of this coast.

Other popular areas for overseas property buyer are Hopkins and Sittee Point, both near to each other and on the Caribbean coast. While these locations share the beach paradise traits to be found up and down the coast, they are somewhat more primitive in their infrastructure and outlook.

Otherwise, there are major new developments springing up along the coast in increasing numbers. The north of the country is predominantly geared to the beaches, while in the interior the Mountain Pine Ridge is covered in the lush forests and ribboned with rivers and rafting opportunities. Further south there are pure tropical rainforests with all manner of wildlife.

The other attraction of Belize are those 450 islets out in the Caribbean Sea, and while there are not a huge number of opportunities to get out there and snap one up, should the mood take you and the prices doesn’t scare you off, there are specific cayes (private islands) available for purchase.

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