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Cayo Bonita Island: Prime Investment!     Corozal DistrictIslands/Atolls      $US 1,500,000 / BZ$ 3,000,000          

For Sale by: Eleanor Williams

Cayo Bonita Island: Prime Investment!

My name is Eleanor Williams, I was born in Corozal Town. Having worked in the hospitality and real estate business for many years, I had the opportunity of meeting and sharing my treasured knowledge and experiences in Belize with a diversity of people from all over the world. Contact me for information or questions: Email: ewilliams@century21belize.com Tel.: 011-501-402-2112 Cell: 011-501-624-1506

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Virtual Tour of Cayo Bonita…..Video keeps stopping? Just pause for 5-10 mins and keep playing.


Belize over the last 10 or 15 years,  has become one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean.
Cayo Bonita, is unique in the fact that there are only four Islands in this area of Belize that are not owned by the government.
 Its general location  is a 20 minute boat ride northwest, or on the  leeward side  of San Pedro  Town, which lies at the southern tip of Belize’s largest and longest island named Ambergris Caye.
There are other reasons that make Cayo Bonita unique which I will address now.
1. The area that these islands are located in have become the hangout for the one percenters; the Rich and Famous.
2. One of the islands is owned by the world champion  fighter Floyd Mayweather and his associates.
3. The next island’s name is Cayo Espanto; it has been  up and running for several years offering a very high-end resort, catering to people from the likes of Tiger Woods, Harrison Ford, and many other famous entertainers and athletes, whom have all stayed and enjoyed numerous adventures in this remarkable area.
4. The third island’s name is Blackadore Caye. This island is owned and being developed by academy award winning actor  Leonardo  DiCaprio.  Mr. DiCaprio has a unique vision in regards to the development of this island, and it will end up being one of the world’s most exclusive island retreats.   (www.restorativeislands.com)
The last island of course​ is Cayo Bonita.
Cayo Bonita lies just two miles northeast (just a few minutes by boat of Blackadore Caye).
When those of you that are interested in this once in a lifetime opportunity see the drone video of Cayo Bonita, I’m absolutely certain that you will be overwhelmed by her natural beauty.
It’s important that I  mention that this area where these four islands are located is the only place in Belize that offers protection from tropical storms. What I mean by this is that in front of these islands to the east and running north to south is Belize’s longest and largest island, Ambergris Caye.
This caye offers tremendous protection to these four islands from tropical storms approaching from the open Caribbean.
In reference to Cayo Bonita there is a secondary layer of protection offered by a large caye known as Cayo Benado.
This important point should be brought up and focused on by potential buyers because there’s nowhere else like it in the country of Belize.
  In Belize the locals call this wide corridor  of water that runs the complete length of Belize, “The Flats”.  The reason for the name  is because this area is all of the water from the barrier reef west to the mainland’s coastline;  and because of this  it  is  much shallower  and offers  protection from storm surges, high tides etc.
  Whoever is the lucky new owner of this island will enjoy one of the most secluded,  private, and beautiful settings offered by the world of nature.  Yet at the same time, be within a 30  minute  boat ride of Ambergris Caye and the town of San Pedro. San Pedro is and has been for many years the center of island nightlife in Belize. The best of island music and partying, with excellent bars and restaurants.  San Pedro also offers the number one destination in Belize for all types of marine activities; which would include world famous scuba diving, off shore deep sea fishing, fly fishing, parasailing, windsurfing, and the famous Hol Chan Marine Preserve where no fishing is allowed, and is the home for many endangered marine species.
1.)  Minutes away from world class catch and release fly fishing
2.) Sea kayaking
3.)  In reference to the “flats” mentioned above; this area by  far and away is  the world’s  perfect location for someone who desires to learn to sail.
4.)  Cayo Bonita’s   eco-system offers another very special attribute; the potential for self-sufficiency in regards to fresh seafood production.
5.) On the boat ride back to Cayo Bonita is an island designated as a national bird sanctuary. Bird watchers come from all over the world to Belize as there are many endangered species that migrate, nest with their offspring, and make Belize their winter home.
The four Islands mentioned above are just a few minutes boat ride away from all of these activities.  They offer   privacy and seclusion unmatched in the Caribbean.  It’s no wonder that the Rich and Famous have decided to settle in this area.
It is my hope that I have described effectively the remote beauty, ambience, and privacy that Cayo Bonita offers but, within minutes, are all of the activities that people love to do to have fun and relax in the magnificent Caribbean Sea.

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