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SOLD!!! Beautiful Mountainous Jungle with Maya Mountain views     Stann Creek District      $US 249,000 / BZ$ 498,000          

For Sale by: Saira Mahabir

SOLD!!! Beautiful Mountainous Jungle with Maya Mountain views

Address: Belize City, Belize Telephone: 011-501-224-5420 Cell: 011-501-610-3976 Fax: 011-501-224-5806

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Beautiful Mountainous Jungle property nestled at the confluence of 5 valleys with 360 degree view of the Mayan mountains. This 50 acre estate includes 7 clear freshwater mountain streams, 3 lagoons and a few gorgeous waterfalls on the property. All of the stream/lagoon water on the property is safe to drink since they are close to the mountain source. In addition, there are much larger waterfalls just outside the border of the property in the national forest of which this property has exclusive steel gated access.

Approximately 90% of the entire property comprising of 50 acres is bounded by the Mayan mountain national forest consisting of tens of thousands of protected jungle-scape offering exclusive privacy. It is located 3 miles off of Hummingbird Hwy. from the town of Middlesex with excellent all year round road access. There is a medium sized 22 acre citrus/pineapple/plantain organic farm and a 3 acre animal farm on the property with 4 acres of 3 types of animal grass including a freshwater stream that runs through it.

There are over 30 types of fruits and vegetables on the farm including 2200 orange trees, 1200 plantain trees, 100s of banana, 4000 pineapple plants, 1500 coconut trees,100s of sugar cane, 3 tangerine trees, 10 avocado trees, 4 mango trees, 12 golden plum trees, 100s of cassava plants, 15 craboo trees, 150 coffee trees, and various others throughout the farm. The farm earns around $28,000 a year in income at the moment though will earn four times this amount once all the coconut trees are mature. 150 coconut trees were planted each year for 8 years of which every year new trees come into harvest. In five years there should be at least 75,000 to 100,000 coconuts to harvest.

The property also features a valuable (planted) hardwood plantation consisting of over 1300 trees such as 800 Mahogony, 200 Corteza de amarillo, 220 Redwood, 50 Cedar, 30 Mountain Laurel. At maturity this would value at over $2 million US dollars. Approximately half the land is in wild jungle with various rare hardwoods, flora and fauna.

The land has many types of jungle medicine as well that can heal a variety of illnesses though this should not be necessary as one should easily maintain a strong immune system in this environment. Insect bites are not an issue as there are orange trees which provide all year round citrucella peel for the skin when/if necessary to ward off all insects. There are multitudes of wildlife as well including howler monkeys, toucans, harpy eagles, hawks, occasional jaguar, panther, ocelot or margay at night though not to worry as the cats do not disturb people and are rarely seen as they only come out at night. There are multitudes of bees, butterflies and hummingbirds as well that assist with the process of natural organic fertilization/pollination. The soil is very rich and conducive to growing a whole host of organic fruits and vegetables.

There is a gorgeous one of a kind Stone and Hardwood framed house with over 3000 stones situated on a hilltop overlooking 5 valleys within the Mayan mountains. The house/fortress is near completion with multi-colored large riverstone walls 2 feet thick in diameter of which should be everlasting and indestructable. There are hardwoods, riverstone, bamboo on the land to build any house one has in mind. A simple jungle lodge unit with hardwoods/thatch construction may be built within 2-3 weeks.

This is a nature lovers dream estate and offers a very rare glimpse of the real jungle and unspoiled nature with gorgeous 360 degree mountainous views. A small home could be built with materials on the land in a month if desired for less than $25,000 or a complete jungle lodge unit for less than $5000. This is a World Class Property which offers one a healthy and organic lifestyle and is located only 23 miles from the Caribbean Sea and 25 miles from the capital of Belmopan.

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