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SOLD!!!!!!! Dream Home on 1 acre SOLD!!!!!     Cayo District      $US 345,000 / BZ$ 690,000          

For Sale by: Saira Mahabir

SOLD!!!!!!!      Dream Home on 1 acre    SOLD!!!!!

Address: Belize City, Belize Telephone: 011-501-224-5420 Cell: 011-501-610-3976 Fax: 011-501-224-5806

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This particular home is great move in house. It is one floor, 3 bedroom, has a pool, a great landscaped garden, and amazing mountain view. It is located within minutes of San Ignacio Town so shopping and entertainment is definitely not a problem.
Power supply is from the national grid (120V), and has land-line telephone and city water supply.
City water is potable, but as an extra precaution they installed filters for the whole house and a finer one for the main kitchen faucet. As a back-up the house contains a 1200 gall rainwater pressurized system.
Gas lines for on-demand water heater, stovetop, and clothes drier from a single, 79-gall butane tank.
(Drier and front-loading washing machine included.)
All bedrooms and the office have A/C units.
Hughes satellite internet dish and modem included. Cable available close by.
Hardwired security system, with priority line to security company.
The swimming pool: 13,500 gallons, includes 30’3″ x 12’2″ x 4’6″ swimming area and a 10′ x 10’7″ entry and paddling area), with submerged light, 2 skimmers and bottom drain with a reversible sand filter and 2-KW pump controlled by time switch.
Running costs: Power: 284 kWh per month 12 mo average = Bz 123/mo
Gas:  5.76 gall butane/mo = Bz 30.30 /mo
Water, inc. irrigation, since 2006: rainy/winter season 131.5 g/d  Dry-early summer (3.5 mo) 239.6 g/d. Mean consumption over 5 years 163 g/d = 72 Bz/mo.
Property tax:  Bz 392/yr or 32.67/mo
Security system: Bz 63/mo
Telephone: BTL standard plan Bz 35/mo
Yard maintenance, 1 person 2d/week = 452 Bz/mo (optional)
Total running costs per average month: Bz 808 = US$ 404/mo.
A Dream home indeed! Contact us for more information.

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