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8 Acres on Punta Gorda-San Antonio Road, Forest Home Village Area.     Toledo District      $US 1,700,000 / BZ$ 3,400,000      House Area: 10,000 Sq. Ft.      Lot Area: 146 8 ACRES

For Sale by: Tony Monsanto

8 Acres on Punta Gorda-San Antonio Road, Forest Home Village Area.

Tony has returned to his native Belize and has taken up residency in Punta Gorda. Having spent most of his adult life abroad working for an international organization. Cell: 011-501-624-3734

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Family Estate with substantial holdings in the Hospitality Industry and prime Real Estate properties.

secluded in the rustic country side about 3 miles from the sea coast town of Punta Gorda, is a fully functioning 10-rooms motel and restaurant 8 beautifully landscaped acres with a sprinkling of majestic tropical trees and an assortment of exotic fruit bearing trees.

Each of the rooms in this modern, spacious motel is equipped with hot and cold running water, air conditioning and cable television.

The second floor above the restaurant is sufficiently large to host special events such as dances, weddings, or conferences. This area, which is the currently living quarters of the Owner, can easily be converted into 2 condominium units or penthouses. The third storey has an open floor plan which provides excellent views to the north, east and south, and the area is ideally suited for casual, and recreational events and activities. Total area of the Motel/Restaurant complex is in approximately 11,000 square feet.

The campus is for the most part a sprawling garden, sectioned off by colorful shrubs, hedges and flowers thus allowing for several groups to simultaneously enjoy its tranquil settings with a modicum of privacy.


The Real Estate holdings consist of three distinct parcels of land, each relatively high and wooded.

The first parcel is situated along the Punta Gorda-San Antonio Road, comprising of 77.88 acres, on four of which stands the Motel and Restaurant Complex with its marvelous gardens. Here one will encounter a large 4 acre plot containing special hybrid of rice. Other plants include sugarcane, corn, breadfruit, bananas, mangos and coconuts. Also flourishing on the property are exotic trees such as PETAYA, WAX APPLE and BAMBOO shoots. There is a wide all-year creek which renders the property great for raising livestock and/or agriculture irrigation.

The second parcel of land, comprising of 43.0 acres, is adjacent to the first and is accessible via the Dolomite Road. It is only half a mile from the Rio Grande. It has all the natural attributes of the first parcel except that none of it had been cultivated.

The third parcel of land, consisting of 26.67 acres, is situated on the Water Hole Road is also fertile, high uncultivated land.


The Natural attributes and the strategic proximity of these Real Estate holdings constitute tremendous opportunity for investment.

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